The Rate of Criminal Offenses in Jawzjan has Decreased: Jawzjan Security Commander

Sheberghan (BNA) Jawzjan security officials say that with the victory of the Islamic Emirate in the country, Jawzjan security officials arrested 64 people over the past month on suspicion of committing crimes in that province.

Mullah Siraj, security commander of Jawzjan, told the local correspondent of BNA, these people have been arrested from their hideouts on suspicion of murder, kidnapping, theft, smuggling and sale of narcotics following several targeted operations conducted by Mujahedin of the Islamic Emirate.

Narcotics and military uniforms have been seized from the detainees.

Security Commander of Jawzjan said the crime rate in the province had decreased compared to two months ago.

One of their most complex operations is the arrest of two men who recently abducted two girls, Siraj said.


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