The “Ups & Downs” In Kabul-Islamabad Bilateral Relations

Sunday June 8, 2014
Kabul (BNA) After the emergence of Pakistan as a sovereign country in world map, the bilateral and diplomatic ties between Islamabad and Kabul have witnessed major ups and downs since 1947 and even the two countries reached on the edge of confrontations and wars and in recent decade, Pakistan’s efforts for increasing its influence inside Afghanistan has worsened relations between two neighbors and tensions still rolling.
Because the Pakistani efforts to enhance political and socioeconomic infiltrations have been problematic to Afghanistan and the country has suffered major crisis because of the interference. If we analyze the relations between the nations from international relations perspectives, relations between the two neighbors revitalize security, economic, cultural, commercial and political cooperation and even this will lead to a broader regional harmony and cooperation between the other countries. But Pakistan never bothered to realize the significance of these important aspects and strived to expand its influence through abnormal activities to keep upper hand in the region.
Pakistan tried to formulate policies toward neighbors within the frame of its geographical location and strategic interests which is totally unacceptable to others. Pakistan for pursuing its strategic interests even resorted to some provocative acts by forging relations with the terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and the Haqqani terrorist network. This has extremely affected Afghanistan’s social, economic and political structures and even it made a challenge to the political system in the country.
Today it has been proved that Pakistan could be one of the alternatives that could support to settle down issues and crisis which are faced by the Afghan people. Analysts believe that Taliban are Pakistani proxies that conduct armed movements against the political system in Afghanistan and public perception in Afghanistan also believe that Pakistan was the only mastermind who formed the structure of the Taliban fundamentalists and assigned them to handle Afghanistan. In 1990s, Pakistan accelerated efforts and provided major financial and technical supports to the Taliban to overthrow the democratic government in Kabul and establish an Islamic fundamentalist system of governance which was unacceptable to the world community.
Over different international tribune, Afghanistan has called on the Pakistani government to halt interference into our internal affairs and try to honestly contribute in the war against international terrorism and militancy. Pakistan never considered it important to positive respond to the generous slogan of Afghanistan for good neighborhood and peace.
But Pakistan continued harboring terrorism and provided safe havens to the terrorist organizations. Despite international efforts and major sacrifices which the Afghan people rendered on the way of combating terrorism, Afghanistan still burning in war and violence and the Taliban insurgents in joint collaborations with rest of Pakistan based terrorist organizations forge carnage of the innocent Afghan civilians and security forces.
All the terrorist attacks which are happening in Afghanistan are plotted by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). It will be better for Islamabad to avoid further destruction of Afghanistan, because the flame which is burning in Afghanistan could burn Pakistan badly in the future. So Pakistan must respect the principles of international law and good neighborhood.

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