There is No Coal Mine Contract with Any Foreign Country: MoMP

KABUL (BNA): There is no coal mine contract with any foreign country or foreign companies, all coal mining and exports made by Afghan companies, says, Mines and Petroleum Ministry spokesman, on Tuesday .

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum spokesman Mufti Esmatullah Burhan said to a press conference that “80 coal fields across the country have been surveyed and balanced by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.”

In 17 locations, coal mining is practically carried out by domestic companies, for a total of 2.3 billion tons, of which thousands of tons of coal are extracted daily from these mines.

He declined the deal of coal in the country with any foreign contractors saying that all coal mining deals and traded in the country by Afghan contractors itself.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of the Islamic Emirate has never signed a contract with any foreign country or company for coal mining. Burhan added.

He said the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has initiated scales in some places to control roads and control high-tonnage coal vehicles.

He said the price of a ton of coal in world markets is $350. the Islamic Emirate is striving to gain access to world markets by peddling coal.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum said all extraction is based on national and international standards and the ministry’s laws, regulations and policies.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Wali Haqmal, spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, said: “the price of export products has risen and the tariff price of coal customs product has increased from 90 USD to 200 USD per ton, which has had a positive effect on raising our revenues.”


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