There Is No Good Or Bad Terrorism, Says Dr. Abdullah

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has once again stressed that there was no differentiation between al-Qaeda, Daesh and Taliban conducting terrorist attacks as well as between good terrorist and bad terrorist.
Speaking in Afghanistan and Central Asia international Conference held Friday in Bamyan, the country’s chief executive said, “This country has made efforts and faced with obstacles during the past 16 years because most of burden for fighting terrorist networks and terrorism is on the people of Afghanistan and the terrorist groups are active in each level of the region”.
He asserted that Taliban, al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist groups had no good and bad, but all were enemies of the people of Afghanistan. “Terrorist groups’ attacks have faced with security challenges not only Afghanistan but also neighboring countries, the region and world because recent incidents in countries supporting terrorists have shown that terrorism knows no borders, tribe, religion, language and nations and are trying to kill the world and regional people and such acts and programs of the terrorist groups are showing to the people in the world and region that terrorism has no good and bad and all terrorist groups are dangerous and a big threat to the world countries”, Dr. Abdullah added.

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