Thousands of Drug Addicts Received Treatment in Ghazni

GHAZNI (BNA) Thousands of drug addicts received medical treatment in Ghazni, after being collected from the outskirt and city of the province, said local officials.

Ghazni local police officials say, in the past months, 921 drug addicts received medical treatment by hospitalization in the Ghazni addicts center and some others received medical treatment at their houses with help of medics.

According to Ghazni’s source, 120 other drug addicts are under treatment in the province.

Following the efforts of health officials, the residents of Ghazni welcome such acts and demanded that all addicts should receive treatment, adding that authorities should spare no efforts to curb the increase of such disasters.

In the meantime, the Ghazni police say the process of collecting and hospitalization of drug addicts will pursue in the province.


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