Thousands Took to the Street Protesting Iranian Misbehavior Against Afghan Refugees

KHOST (BNA) The deed has provoked strong reactions inside Afghanistan following reports of Iranian police harassment against Afghan refugees.
Southeastern citizens of Khost province, rise their vices against torturing, harassment, and misbehavior of Afghan refugees by Iranian police and the public, recently.
Protestors: called the Iranian police violence against Afghan refugees Violations human being, Islamic and international standards and called on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the international community to use diplomatic means to stop violence against Afghan refugees.
“Afghans are not as humiliated or oppressed anywhere in the world as Iran is,” one of the demonstrators told BNA.
The protestors pleaded Iran to stop violence against Afghan refugees.
There is reports and tapes posted on social media of violence and misbehavior by Iranian police against Afghan refugees.
Beatings, torture, humiliation and imprisonment constitute the main violence against Afghan immigrants in Iran.
The Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Iranian ambassador in response to the harassment of Afghan citizens by Iranian police.
The Iranian ambassador calls the spread of reports of police brutality against Afghan immigrants false.
However, the people of Afghanistan have reacted sharply to these abuses.
Yesterday, in the latest reactions, a number of citizens gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul and the consulate of this country in Herat.
They chanted anti-Iranian slogans calling on the country to stop mistreating Afghan refugees.
According to unconfirmed figures, there are at least five million Afghan refugees in Iran.
Poverty and unemployment are considered to be the main causes of Afghan migration to Iran.

Bakhtar News Agency

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