Threat of the New Wave of Terrorism in Afghanistan & World

Kabul (BNA) With withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and progress of armed oppositions in parts of the country, threat of new wave of global terrorism seriously has been raised.

Bakhtar News Agency military analyst commenting on the issue writes, the latest United Nation Security Council report warns of Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) concentrating in relevant areas of Kabul and there have also been reports of Al-Qaeda expanding its activities.

There is no doubt that international terrorist organizations are trying to take advantage of the hazardous situation in Afghanistan and build shelters and hideouts for themselves in the country.

The new wave of global terrorism is very dangerous and if it is not controlled on time, there is fear that Afghanistan will face the situation that Syria once faced.

Perhaps, one part of the country will be ruled by one group and the other part will be ruled by another group, in which the countries that these groups can threaten their national security, will carry out military operations against them.

Afghanistan, which has been on the brink of war for four decades, can no longer withstand such wave of terrorism.

In an agreement signed with the Americans, the Taliban pledged to cut off ties with Al-Qaeda and other global terrorist groups and take action against them.

Now US leaders, especially U.S President Joe Biden are questioning the Taliban’s allegiance to this commitment, Taliban have not yet made their position clear in this regard.

It’s up to them what lies at the heart of the Taliban, and whether or not they are really cutting ties with al-Qaeda and other global terrorist organizations, but one thing is clear that the fomentation of instability, escalation of war and destruction of government institutions pave the way for the activities of terrorist groups and also the terrorist groups have special skills to take advantage of such situation and build hideouts for themselves.

The situation in the region and the world is such that international terrorists in other countries, even in African countries, cannot provide safe haven for themselves, as they have done in a number of Middle Eastern countries during their rule and no one gives them place.

Therefore, they try their best to destabilize a mountainous country like Afghanistan and after this instability, they profit and build hideouts for themselves and target other countries at a suitable opportunity.

What can be done to stem the tide of global terrorism? First of all, global terrorists are the enemies of the whole world, the enemies of certain countries.

It is the responsibility of the world and the countries to assist and cooperate with Afghanistan in fight against these terrorist groups, but the most important thing is to prevent more instability in Afghanistan, the only way to prevent more instability is to maintain and strengthen the system.

No one should be allowed to overthrow the regime under any name or pretext.

Overthrowing the regime is in fact turning Afghanistan into a safe haven for global terrorists and Afghanistan’s national institutions must be strengthened as much as possible.

Everyone must accept the fact that this new wave of terrorism can only be controlled in the presence of a strong and solid system, a system based on the principles of democracy, in which the achievements of the recent two decades are safe.


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