To Continue Demining Program in Afghanistan $18.3 Needed: OCHA

KABUL (BNA) The United Nations Office for coordination of Humanitarian, (OCHA) says that Afghanistan is one of the countries that hahavehe the highest levels of explosive ammunition contamination in the world.

OCHA says that due to several decades of war in Afghanistan, this country has one of its serious challenges in terms of having explosive ammunition and mines.

In a tweet, the organization on Monday OCHA said that “about 18.3 million dollars are needed for the r investigation, neutralization of explosive ammunition, clearing of mines and risk assessment in the current year”.

The funds will also be used to support 1.4 million survivors of blast incidents, said OCHA.

According to OCHA, 4.9 million people in Afghanistan are in need who have been injured in explosive incidents.

Earlier, to this, the International Committee of the Red Cross expressed concern about the increase in casualties caused by the explosion of unexploded materials left over from the war and mines in Afghanistan.

The reality of mines and various types of unexploded materials is the biggest threat to the citizens of Afghanistan, mainly in the villages of this country, said ICRC.

OCHA started a demining program in Afghanistan after 2002 and was supposed to become a country free of mines and unexploded ordnance in 2010, but this program was stopped for the cause of aid reduction and the repeated suspension of the program.


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