Trade Extension Amid Regional Countries is an Initial Step Toward a Dynamic Economy

KABUL (BNA) The trade expansion ties between Afghanistan and the countries of the region can be a prelude to the formation of a dynamic economy.

BNA analyst: Afghanistan and Iran to establish Joint Chamber of Commerce to resolve legal and trade challenges According to officials from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, the Joint Chamber of Commerce between Afghanistan and Iran will officially open in the near future, with the creation of this chamber will solve the problems of traders between the two countries and increase the volume of trade between the two countries.

A joint chamber of commerce has already been established between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, as well as between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and efforts are underway to establish a chamber similar to China.

Turkey, as an economically influential country in the region, is also interested in investing in Afghanistan, and the interest was voiced in a recent meeting between The Turkish Ambassador and Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Foreign Minister of Islamic Emirate.

On the other side, Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Ahmad Khan said that Afghanistan’s exports to Pakistan had increased in recent months. The process has made small progress over the years, and much of Pakistan has been blamed for interfering with the project, but now Pakistan is talking about providing security in Afghanistan, stressing that this is a good opportunity to start the project.

But now in Afghanistan, there are no specific political obstacles to the TAPI project, and there is an opportunity to start the project.

South Asia and Central Asia have the largest human populations in the world, while these countries are experiencing good economic growth, except for poverty and unemployment, which can cause many problems in most countries in the region, the problem is that countries including these They have lived together for years in disbelief, mistrust and even enmity, and this abnormal situation still prevails to some extent.

In the past, insecurity in Afghanistan as an excuse to reduce economic and trade cooperation between the countries of the region, but now this excuse no longer exists and there is a feeling and belief among Afghanistan’s neighbors that their interests are better through interaction with Afghanistan. Satisfied cannot be through the marginalization of the country.

The countries of the region deliberate Afghanistan as a concerning point between them, their interaction with Afghanistan in various sectors is important, except what is discussed for Afghans is the real balance and cooperation between the countries of the region.

In the past, a number of neighbors have used Afghanistan’s landlocked Ness and transit as a weapon against Afghanistan and created barriers for Afghan businessmen and capitalists.

These countries must accept the new situation in Afghanistan and the region and accept that the time for unilateral concessions has passed, trade cooperation must be reciprocal, balanced, and based on mutual benefits. If we talk about increasing Afghanistan’s exports to neighboring countries, Afghanistan It is the only exporter of fruits and other agricultural items, which has its own season, while the export of neighboring countries to Afghanistan is continuous. Besides, these countries use the transit route of Afghanistan well but have not made it easy for Afghan traders.

The desire of our people is that neighboring countries observe the principle of balance in trade and commerce and do not politicize trade.

In general, Afghanistan’s trade officials should accentuate the same issues and facilities for Afghan traders and importers in neighboring countries that Afghanistan has created for neighboring countries so that in the presence of mutual cooperation, the region can see the growth of a dynamic economy.


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