Traditional Kabul City’s Lanes Facing Annihilation

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Kah Foroshi lane has over 100 year’s background.
This lane was the center of selling of straw and dry bread for animal husbandry. With passing of time, animals were replaced by birds. Head of Bird-selling Union, Mohammad Rahim who is dealing with bird, in Kah Foroshi Lane told in the connection that the lane of Kah Foroshi is located behind Pul-i-Kheshti mosque in capital city, Kabul. Mohammad Rahim says: as of 45 years to date, he works as representative and head of bird-selling union. In connection with this lane, it should be said that 50 years before, several straw-selling shops were active that in summer fresh and in winter dry straw were sold. Beside dry straw, dry bread was also sold there. He added: In that time, a limited number of vehicles were active and people were using donkey, horse and other simple transport means. Beside straw shops, shoe selling shops were also active in that time. Likewise, at this lane, since ancient time to date, varieties of traditional Afghan meals were also cooking.
Mohammad Rahim continued that in ancient time, rich people were also living in Kah Foroshi lane. A number of impostors and Kakahs were such as Soufi Glo, Latif-i-Kour (blind) Ghani Nas Wari etc. we’re living there that everyone remained after a good name. Head of Birds Union continued: 45 years have been passed since this lane is changed into the dealing of birds in the city and about 100 shops are engaging in dealing of beautiful varieties of birds. According to Mahmmad Rahim, lovebird, Narges Buzurg and parrot are transferring from Pakistan and majority of them from Nangarhar. Salang, Dehana-i-Ghori, Pul-i-Khumri, Khenjan and Kilagai are the nourishing centers of these beautiful birds inducing partridge. These birds after settling in Padshah Sahib and Deh Sabz are breeding. The number of such birds are increasing now. Now, Logar is the center of making generation of valuable canary. It is mentionable that people keep birds for fighting and stipulation and through this, earn enormous money. In regard with dealing of birds, head of birds union has said that previously, such birds were sold by Mohammad Zayees and some people were gifting such pretty birds to their friends.
In that time, such birds had warm market. Daily, till 300 canaries were sold.
Now, the price of such birds, are lower comparing that time. He stated that the birds are sold against different prices. When some of them are bringing newly, their prices estimated about 100 Afs while after passing of time and their nourishment they sold against 50000 Afs and even 100000 Afs. We have no problem in the field of my activity, but we are concerning about damaging of this birds center. 150 shops are needed to house the birds are available. Said Mohammad Rahim. When he was transferring the Canary Cage in Kah Feroshi lane, Shukrullah said, considering my interest to such birds, I bought a Canary about 50000 Afs and have plan to breed it in the future. Through this I earn a loaf of bread to my family members. The Kah Feroshi lane is one of densely populated lanes in Kabul city that has historical background and after the death of Ahmad Shah Durani, his son, Timur Shah Durani transferred the capital from Kandahar to Kabul city and after that time, the lanes of Kabul city were nominated.
Karima Malikzada

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