Transit of Foreign goods Increased Through Afghanistan: MoF

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, says that “foreign transit” through Afghanistan, had been increased unpreceddently.

According to the Ministry, 913,644 tons of goods transferred in the first seven months of 1401 solar year,

The goods has been transferred to different countries of the world, including Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan through Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Finance has called the provision of more facilities for traders at the customs, increasing working hours and reducing the time of foreign transit by the Ministry of Finance, as well as providing national security in the country, among the factors of increasing the transit of goods through Afghanistan.

The ministry says that with the increase of transit activities from Afghanistan, this country will become a connecting juncture for the countries of the region.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Afghanistan Railway Authority have announced that in the past year, 3.4 million metric tons of transfers have been made through the country’s railways, which shows the growing trend of transfers.


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