Travelers Stressed Reconstruction of Kabul-Jalalabad Highway Bridge

KABUL (BNA) A recent flash floods destroyed Nazarabad bridge on the Kabul-Jalabad, which drivers and residents repeatedly asking for the reconstruction of the bridge.

“Nazarabad bridge on the Kabul-Jalalabad has been completely destroyed for the past two months due to the recent floods and hours of people’s time is wasted daily,” says a number of travelers to Bakhtar News Agency correspondent and residents with patients face many problems because of difficulties for reaching to the hospital.

The provincial head of Public Works department Mawlawi Yar Mohammad Mohammadi in Nangarhar, told BNA that a team of engineers of the Ministry of Public Works conducted a survey of the destroyed bridge of Nazarabad, and after the completion of the primary stages, the restoration work will begin shortly.


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