Trump’s Muslims Suspension Not The Way To Fight Terror

Monday January 30, 2017

Kabul (BNA) US new president Donald Trump, has signed a sweeping executive decree, under which Muslims from seven countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen have had been banned to visit US. Even those with US green cards allowing them to have permanent US residence has been suspended. The main aim of Trump was to have US safe of terrorists’ threat, but the way to help reduce the menace of terrorism and extremism was not what he had resumed. Now the world nations need to remain closer than ever, as if want to combat terrorism, world nations closeness is the most is the most important to reach the goal. The recent move by Trump would not only prevent terrorism influence into the US, but it would further spark anger from Muslim nations to get separated from the US and remain uncoordinated, that would help influence of extremism strengthen more than ever. New US president, Donald Trump should instead, help the world, particularly those of the Muslims to remain in close coordination and cooperation to resist against terrorists’ influence.
The new US leadership should also make effort to extend war on terrorism into those countries supporting and financing terrorism and most importantly providing safe sanctuaries to the vicious phenomenon.
However, Trump’s counterterrorism strategy, since taking office 12 years ago is not still clear and he has not still a clear policy in the US’s Afghanistan long war. World reacted against the fresh measure of Trump, with the European Union condemning the plan said migration was a complicated issue and all the world should jointly work to address it.
This is not an act to help US remain safe of terrorism, but moreover this would be itself against the globalization norm and would lay apart US from the world. In 2001, when the US troops entered Afghanistan, the basic plan was fighting terrorism. The US spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of life in war on terror, but when Trump is putting his so-call anti-terrorism plan, this means that the US is ignoring such huge loss of life and use of billions of dollars to uproot terrorism since the last more than one and half decade. This is not war on terror that adopted by the US new leadership, but suppressing humans suffering imposed wars in their soils.
The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees has also called on the US to resume its previous policy for refugees and not let war victims of the world trapped in the conflicted zone. Last year some 25,000 people fleeing war, inhibited in the US. Hundreds of people staged a demonstration in the US airport after the decree was influenced, leading to the arrest of many refugees from some Muslim nations. Some 200 conflicted people fled of war in their countries, have been arrested in the US, soon after Trump’s decree issue, but a federal judge promised that decree was temporal and would an ensuing decree. The arrested people have been said to keep secure and not to be returned home, until the new decree was practiced.
Hamidullah Faizi

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