Turkey Deported Over 68,000 Afghan Immigrants

KABUL (BNA) The General Directorate of Immigration of Turkey has announced that during the last year, 124,441 illegal immigrants were expelled from that country, of which 68,290 were Afghans.

During this period, the General Directorate of Immigration of Turkey has expelled 12,511 Pakistanis from that country, and the rest are from other countries, which the General Directorate of Immigration of Turkey has not mentioned the names of these countries.

Turkey’s immigration department insists that it will deport the same number of illegal asylum seekers from that country during the current year, and in the first step, the authorities of Agri province in eastern Turkey announced on Friday night that they will return 227 illegal Afghan immigrants to their country.

An official at the Turkish Immigration Department said: These immigrants were first sent to Agri Airport and from there to their country.

Meanwhile, Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation urged that the countries of the world should not forcibly deport Afghan immigrants.

Last year, the Afghan government has sent a delegation to Turkey to discuss the situation of Afghan immigrants in that country with the Turkish authorities.

Lately, Iran has forcibly deported thousands of Afghan immigrants from that country during the past year, and what is even worse is that Afghanistan’s neighbor Pakistan has deported hundreds of Afghan immigrants, even those who had gone to that country for treatment, has imprisoned and stopped the process of renewing the visas of Afghans residing in that country.


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