Turkey is Cooperating With the Ministry of Higher Education to Strengthen Scientific Relations and Scientific Research

Kabul (BNA) The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, in a meeting with the Adviser on Affairs of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, discussed the purpose of the Ministry’s accreditation of the scientific journal “Diwan”.

According to BNA In this meeting, Dr. Lotfullah Khairkhah, Deputy Minister of Science of the Ministry of Higher Education, while appreciating the cooperation of the country and the Turkish people in various fields with Afghanistan, instructed the Director of Research, Compilation and Translation of the Ministry to evaluate the necessary scientific criteria Diwan Magazine, take the necessary measures.

He also shared scientific experiences, joint scientific research and cooperation in creating scientific journals of the country’s educational institutions; He called for the cooperation of Turkey.

Later, Dr. Abdul Jalil Alp Kray, Advisor on Religious Affairs at the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, briefed the International Journal of Social Scientific Research “Diwan” on the International Journal of Social Research, which was established two years ago in collaboration with Afghan, Turkish and Uzbek researchers at Jawzjan University. Turkish higher education has also received a certificate of academic credentials.

He expressed hope that the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education would also cooperate in issuing the accreditation document.

He also promised to cooperate in the areas of holding joint scientific seminars, strengthening scientific relations and scientific research and other scientific collaborations.

It should be noted that the financial expenses of the International Scientific Journal of Dewan are paid by the Turkish Charity Foundation, which is active in the scientific and humanitarian sectors in Afghanistan.


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