Turkey to Inspire Investors to Invest in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, met with Cihad Erginay Ambassador of Turkey in Kabul on Monday.

According to the Ministry, the meeting partly concentrated on consolidating ties, political issues, and the extension of bilateral cooperation.

“Afghanistan-Turkey relations are moving in a positive direction, Turkey has provided a great deal of humanitarian assistance and will continue to do so,” said Ambassador Cihad Erginay.

During the meeting Erginay promised to inspire Turkish businessmen to invest in Afghanistan, adding that Turkey was looking at ways to further expand its ties with Afghanistan.

On the other side, Muttaqi vowed that the Islamic Emirate would deliver essential facilities to Turkish businessmen, adding that the positive relations between the Afghan and Turkish governments are in the interest of mutual sides.



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