Turkish Donated 100 Metric Tons of Improved Wheat Seeds to Ministry of Agriculture

Kabul (BNA) The Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH) donated 100 metric tons of improved wheat seeds to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to BNA, Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Rashed, Acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, thanked the friendly Turkish country for handing over the aid.

“We thank the Turkish government for helping the people of Afghanistan in these difficult times,” he said, security is now restored throughout Afghanistan, and we call on countries and international organizations to work more closely with the Afghan peasants to solve the people’s problems.

Rashid assured that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has established a government free of corruption and added: “About 70% of the people of Afghanistan are farmers and we assure the countries and charities that help the Afghan peasants that their aid will not be wasted and will be transparently People in need are distributed.

Also at the event, Hussein Oruj, head of the Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation, assured the value of the fund’s improved wheat seeds, assuring that the foundation would continue to help, saying: “We have been working in Afghanistan for many years, helping people in war-torn areas and in the future.” We will continue this process.

Sami Torkud, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, also assured his country’s aid to Afghanistan and called on the officials of the Islamic Emirate to deliver the aid to the deserving.

Meanwhile, Mawlavi Sadrazam, Deputy of Agriculture and Livestock, and Fazel Bari Fazli the Deputy Minister for Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, thanked Turkey for its assistance and called for more international cooperation with Afghanistan.


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