Turkiye Increased Deportation Of Afghan Refugees

KABUL (BNA) The United Nations human rights watchdog has accused Turkey of violating the human rights of Afghan refugees and said that this country has deported 45,000 Afghans in the last eight months.

On Friday, the organization published a report entitled “No one should ask me why I left Afghanistan” and said that the Turkish government has approved the deportation of about 45 thousand Afghan citizens in the first eight months of this year. This figure has increased by 150% compared to this time last year.

Based on the report, the Turkish government has pushed tens of thousands of Afghan citizens out of its borders or deported them directly to Afghanistan without considering their asylum claims.

According to the statements of many people interviewed by Human Rights Watch to prepare this report, “the Turkish authorities have pushed them back at least once, without formal proceedings and without any opportunity to resettle.”

Turkey’s Directorate of Migration Management says that “as of October 20, 2022, 238,448 illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country,” which is likely to be an understatement of official figures.

The Human Rights Watch report states: “Such pushbacks violate several humans rights norms, including the prohibition of mass deportations under the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to a fair trial under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the principle of non-befoulment of refugees under the 1951 Convention.” which prohibits the return of persons to places where their life or liberty would be threatened.”

According to this report, the single asylum seekers who encountered the Turkish border guards at the Iran-Turkey border were beaten and harassed.
Also, cases of Turkish border agents shooting at asylum seekers who were trying to cross the border between Turkey and Iran have been reported.

In the report, quoting a group of deported people, it is said that the Turkish authorities took them to the Istanbul airport with handcuffs and forced them to put fingerprints on the voluntary return papers. According to these people, those who refused were beaten.

Human Rights Watch called on the Turkish government to immediately “end the pushback of refugees from its territory and borders, stop shooting at the borders, and prosecute agents who commit illegal acts.”

The organization also asked the European Union and its member states and other countries not to consider Turkey as a safe third country for refugees from Afghanistan and other countries, because “the Turkish authorities are blocking access to asylum, refugees who are likely to be refugees. , return and commit other abuses against migrants and people seeking international protection.”

It must be said that most migrations from Afghanistan have economic reasons, and the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly asked the host countries to treat Afghan immigrants well and refrain from the forced deportation of these refugees.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate has asked the youth of the country not to leave the country, and the authorities in the central provinces have been directed to investigate the problems of those young people, to reduce their motivation to emigrate from the country.


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