Turkmenistan Demand Increase Marble Export to that Country

KABUL (BNA) The Turkmenistan Consul in Herat requested to increase marble export from the province to that country.

The governor of Herat Noor Ahmed Islam jar, in a meeting with the consul head of of Turkmenistan, described the economic and industrial capacities of this province and mentioned that the businessmen of Herat want to expand economic relations with Turkmenistan.


In this meeting which attended by the president and members of the Herat Industrialists’ Union they expressed hope that Turkmenistan will supply a part of its marble needs from Herat, due to the high quality of marble in Cheesht Sharif district and the interest of countries in the region and the world to use this stone.

The Consul of Turkmenistan in Herat, in this meeting, assured the interest of business organizations of that country for increasing economic cooperation with Herat.


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