Turkmenistan Provided Afghanistan with Humanitarian Aids

KABUL (BNA) Turkmenistan has sent 62 tons of humanitarian aids worth over one million U.S. dollars to Afghanistan, the Ministry of Natural Disaster Management of the Islamic Emirate said in a statement Saturday.

The aids include food and non-food items, medical supplies and textile products, the statement said.

“Due to recent natural disasters thousands of people have been affected and displaced and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance across the country,” a statement quoted one of the ministry’s officials Ahmad Shah Zaheen as saying.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan while thanking the humanitarian aids of the friend country of Turkmenistan, asks the donor countries and other aid agencies to provide Afghan people with necessary humanitarian assistance, the statement added.

A few weeks ago, the country has also provided the regional hospital of Torghondi with medical supplies.


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