Turkmenistan Shares Plan On Practical Start of TAPI Project with Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Acting Mines and Petroleum Minister, Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, met with Mohammad Murad Amanov, the Executive Director of the TAPI project, and Khawaja Awadov, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Kabul.

In this meeting, Minister Delawar called the TAPI gas pipeline project one of the major economic and social projects.

He said by conducting this project in Afghanistan, more job opportunities and investments will be created in the country.

Since Afghanistan is in a good security situation, we should utilize this opportunity and start the practical work of the TAPI project as soon as possible with the cooperation of both countries (Afghanistan and Turkmenistan), he added.

Amanov, spoke about the plans and progress of this project, said that Turkmenistan is striving to start the practical work of the TAPI project quickly, according to a statement.

He said that he will present a specific plan heeding the construction of gas distribution reserves in Herat.

TAPI project will transfer Turkmen gas to India through Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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