Twenty-Two Insurgents Including Foreign Terrorists, Killed in Ghazni: Ministry of Defense

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Defense announced today that during an ANA operation in Ghazni, a factory for the construction of suicide vests and a Taliban suicide center in the province were destroyed.

The press office of National Defense Ministry said in a statement: The forces of Defense Ministry in a commando operation in the village of “Deh Yak of “Deh Yak” district of Ghazni destroyed a factory for the construction of suicide vests and Taliban suicide center.

The operation killed 22 terrorists, including six Arabs, two Pakistanis and two Tajiks and arrested four terrorists, including others.

The Ministry of National Defense also says that 3 of these people were arrested during the ANA commandos’ operation and that the suicide logistics officer named “Shahbaz Khan” was arrested and that 16 suicide vests and 16 tons of enemy explosives were blown up.

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