Two Development Projects Put Into Operation in Sheberghan

Sheberghan (BNA) Officials at Breshna Company in Jawjan say that eighty other families have also benefited from electricity by installing two transformer posts, including the prison administration and the Sheberghan Public Order Command.

Haji Abdul Jalil Rasekh, head of Jawzjan Breshnai Company, told BNA that the projects had been completed at a cost of 750,000 Afghanis from Jawzjan Breshnai Company’s budget. Another family in the provincial capital received electricity.

Zabihullah Hossani, Jawzjan’s director of finance and administration, said that the Islamic Emirate is implementing development projects one after another in order to fulfill the demands of the people.

The remarks come as hundreds of families in the province have benefited from electricity in the past month with the opening of four transformers.


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