Two Miners Death in Stone Mine in Zabul

ZABUL (BNA) Two miners lost their lives due to the collapse of a part of a chromite mine in Zabul, another injured in this incident says local officials.

According to reports, a part of the mine in Shahr Safa district collapsed on Tuesday when the miners were busy mining.

Mawlawi Noorullah Noori of head of Mines and Petroleum of the province told BNA that two miners died and another was injured in the incident.

“Four miners were trapped under the rubble, and security forces were able to pull out two of them, including one who was injured.”

The injured one was transferred to Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar for treatment, saying his health condition is good.

Mawlawi Noori says that assessment have been conducted in the field.

The head of Zabul Mines and Petroleum highlights that one of the conditions for mining is to create a safe environment for miners.


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