Under Amir-Al-Momineen’s Decree, Ban on Drug Our Priority, Local Officials

KABUL (BNA) Based on the supreme leader’s decree eradication of poppy lands and drug trafficking is our top priority, said south authorities.

Lately, in a decree, the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan banned the deals, usage, export, import, and production factories of any drugs like alcoholic beverages, heroin, hashish, and drug pills are seriously prohibited in the country.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid underlining the fulfillment of the supreme leader decree said the cause of poppy cultivation for our farmers is economic problems, adding we need to assist them with alternative product cultivation.

No Poppy fields in Laghman right now said Zein-Al-Abedin the governor of the province in an interview with BNA correspondent, adding they are seriously attempting to curb poppy cultivation or drug trafficking.

Deputy governor for Paktika Mohib Hamas said no drugs entered the province since the supreme leader issued a decree ban on drugs.

Mawlavi Mohammad Tahir Mobriz commander of police of Nangarhar said they are hundreds of percent ready to fulfill the supreme leader’s decree ban on poppy cultivation in the country.

In the meantime, the deputy police commander for Kunar stressed bans on drug trafficking or poppy cultivation in that province.

Recent, reports released by the Ministry of public health shows that the number of drug addicts reaches 2.5 a number of 8.5 thousand of them including women.


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