UNDP Ready to Support Panjshir Agriculture Department

PANJSHIR (BNA) The United Nations Development Programme announced support to cooperate with the Panjshir Department of Agriculture.

According to the UNDP announcement, the organization will support the Panjshir agriculture department in the sector of fish farming, dairy processing, beekeeping, and the market for farmers’ products, preventing the spread of animal pox and providing capacity-building training programs for the staff of the department.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Panjshir Agriculture department, said that the Forest restoration program started in Panjshir lately.

The program has been started by the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock of Panjshir in the center and seven districts of that province.

The Panjshir head of the agriculture department Abdul Mujib Mushfiq said: “The map, measuring the hills, sowing the seeds of “Talhak” almonds, creating a water reservoir and dividing it through pipes and planting saplings are among the first steps that have been taken to restore the forests.

The expansion of green space above the mountains can be effective in reducing soil erosion and curbing the possible occurrence of floods and creating a healthy and sustainable environment, he said.


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