UNESCO Ready to Restore Country’s Historic Sites

KABUL (BNA) Deputy Minister of Culture, Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi, discussed cultural and historical issues of the country in a meeting with the Cultural Officer of the UNESCO Organization in Afghanistan, Brendan Cassar.

Deputy Minister of Culture Azizi shared his concerns with Brendan about the restoration of historical sites and ancient reservoirs in some provinces of the country, which are under menace.

He said that currently in the country, the Ghor Jam Minar, Mirwais Nika, and Ahmad Shah Baba shrines in Kandahar, some walls and gates of Bast Fort in Helmand, and also some historical buildings and academic centers in Ghazni and Bamyan provinces are being protected.

He said that urgent assistance from UNESCO was called for in the field of construction.

In the end, Brendan deemed it necessary to carry out these works and said that UNESCO is ready to assist in restoring the historical sites in Afghanistan.


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