U.S.’ Armaments Sells By Afghan Troops To Taliban; SIGAR/ Commentary

Saturday January 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has claimed that Taliban purchased American weaponry and equipment from Afghan soldiers. The issue should be investigating seriously, because being indifference and silence against such accusations seriously affects the moral of the troops of the country.
BNA analyst of military affairs commenting on the issue write, recently SIGAR releasing a report claimed the existence of corruption among Afghan security forces. SIGAR in its report claims that Taliban purchase American made weapons and equipment from Afghan soldiers and the territories under the control of state have reduced 62% during the last two years. He adds that America has spent more than 8 billion dollars for eradication of narcotic drugs but still poppy cultivation has remained as a serious problem. In spite of that no one can ignore, the existence of corruption and other problems in Afghanistan. It would be of great importance to mention that some of the allegations or reports without sharing with Afghan relevant military authorities, can badly affect the moral of Afghan soldiers, who are fighting against terrorism  in expense of their lives not only in defense of our national interests but the region. Terrorism is not only an Afghan or regional problem, but threats the world as whole. 
SIGAR releasing the claim of selling of American weaponries to Taliban exactly in time, Afghan military authorities have repeatedly have complained about the shortage weapons and other military ammunitions  and even the international donors have confirmed that  Afghan security forces have been suffering from shortage of military weapons and other military ammunitions. Then how they commit such heinous act or selling their weapons to the enemies whose aim is killing Afghan security forces? Assessing the ways of Americans’ expenditures may be the right of SIGAR, but it accuses Afghan soldiers who so far heroically fight against terrorists who seeking to destroy Afghanistan and extend terrorism in to other countries. SIGAR should carry out its activities in coordination with Afghan relevant authorities and it should share the result of its investigation with military authorities ahead of reporting to media, otherwise, it causes mistrust among military staff and badly affect the moral of Afghan military personnel.
The people who have accused for selling military weaponry and equipment to the enemies are soldiers who are fighting to rescue the world from the evil of terrorism and extremism. A great number of political, military experts and civil society activists firmly believe that there are certain objectives behind such reports. Today, Taliban have been using as a means by other countries to achieve their objectives in the region. Without doubt, for equipping Taliban, those countries are seeking ways, probably they for keeping secret the real sources that provide weapon and military ammunitions for Taliban, falsely claim that Taliban purchase weapons from Afghan security personnel. It should mention that the local authorities and people repeatedly claimed that unidentified helicopters, support armed oppositions in providing weapons and transportation of their personnel.
On the other hand, SIGAR released its report exactly in time Mr. Trump US president-elect starts it work in White House. Releasing such a report may be an enticing matter for the working team of the new president. The Afghan people especially army and security forces of Afghanistan who are shedding their lives against terrorism to rescue not only their country but also the entire world from the evil of that notorious phenomenon forever ask their leaders to extensively assess the SIGAR’s report and inform the people about, in order to reduce psychological war against Afghan people.
Nematullah Nemat    

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