US to Continue Negotiation with IEA on the Release of Country’s Assets

KABUL (BNA) citing three US officials, reported today, Monday that the Joe Biden government is committed to continuing negotiations with the Islamic Emirate on the release of Afghanistan’s frozen foreign exchange reserves, can’t Reuters.

The negotiations were stopped after the recent US air attack on Kabul, but the Americans have said that the negotiations will continue to prevent the collapse of the Afghan economy.

Based on the published information, the foreign exchange reserves released in a fund are supposed to be transferred to Switzerland as a trust and a global committee will supervise its use.

The issue of freezing Afghan assets is controversial in Afghanistan-US relations.

The Islamic Emirate has not reacted in this regard so far, but the release of the frozen assets of the country has always been and is the desire of the Islamic Emirate and the people of Afghanistan.

Reintroducing the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the United States froze billions of dollars of Afghan assets, which caused more damage to the disrupted Afghan economy, while a large number of countries emphasized that by releasing the frozen assets of Afghanistan This country will be able to address its economic needs and priorities.

Despite all this, the news of the resumption of negotiations between the Islamic Emirate in the United States on the release of frozen funds, Afghanistan, is a good start that should be continued with responsibility and the result will be the reduction of economic problems in Afghanistan.


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