US To Extend Cooperation With Afghanistan In War On Terror, Govt.

Saturday January 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Expressing optimism on coming new US President Trump on power, officials of the government of Afghanistan are stressing that both countries relations is based on common interests and threats and US should continue cooperation with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism.
Shah Hussain Murtazawi, deputy spokesperson to president said that Afghanistan-US relations have been strategic and fundamental and would be deepened in different fields, particularly in war on terror.  He added that over the last years, the U.S. government has always cooperated with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism and reconstruction of infrastructures and been alongside the Afghan people in any juncture of time. In fact, relations between the two countries will further deepen and both sides will enhance cooperation based on each other’s national interests, he went on to say. Meanwhile, stressing on imposing political pressures on Pakistan, a number of lawmakers and experts said that the US new president was seen to act decisively on annihilation of terrorist networks.
Sahib Nazar Muradi, a researcher on Afghanistan and regional affairs said, ‘however, the US new policy on Afghanistan and region is not still clear, but the Afghan people expect President Trump to clarify its policy on fighting terrorism. Because, terrorism is not only a threat to Afghanistan, but to all regional and the world countries as a whole.’
Former President, Hamid Karzai has also asked the US new president to remove the terrorist hideouts in any corners of the world. He added that I request President Trump to further revise on fighting terrorism and extremism policy and target the terrorists’ centers, where they are being trained, armed and sent to Afghanistan. Calling US continued cooperation with Afghanistan important, lawmakers said, ‘Afghanistan is now at the focal point of the world countries, an action that rises hopes on eradication of terrorist groups and ensuring peace and stability in the country.’
Safia Seddiqi, a civil society activist said, ‘if the world countries want to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, they should impose pressures on terrorism supporting countries.’ Meanwhile, a number of citizens are optimistic on Afghanistan-US relations and stressing that the world community should continue cooperation with Afghanistan, because it needs the world support for long. Taj Muhammad Akbar, a Kabul resident said, ‘US is a great supporter to developing states and the government of national unity is making effort to further enhance relations with world countries, a move that is in the benefit of the government and people of Afghanistan.’ This is while that U.S. is among those countries, where has always cooperated with Afghanistan in different fields such as, reconstruction, peace process, capacity building and training of the Afghan security forces.
Suraya Raiszada

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