US Won’t Let Afghanistan Return Into Terrorists’ Safe Haven

Monday, February 09, 2015

Kabul (BNA)   Strategy of war on terror is still in its origin, said the US national security advisor, adding that the US doesn’t want Afghanistan to be changed once again to a safe haven of terrorists and their al-Qaeda partners.
In her recent speech at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, Susan Rice said “Our strategy is still active in Afghanistan where we concluded our combat mission according to plan and now we concentrate to an independent and stable Afghanistan so not to be changed once again to a secure hideout for terrorists. While we can continue development of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), we would continue our pressure on terrorists and al-Qaeda through war on terror.
Ms. Rice made this speech while the White House has revealed its new national security strategy. Simultaneous with this, the US defense secretary Chuck Hagel addressing the NATO defense ministers’ meeting said that the security of Afghanistan is facing threat. The US and its allies took part in training of over 320,000 ANSF which was a considerable achievement.
The ANSF are capable enough now to defend their country and enjoy good abilities.
We will take part in training of these forces for another two years due to ongoing security threats. But these forces have the capabilities to repulse these threats and we are committed to train and support them.
At the same time, welcoming sustainable support and cooperation of the world countries particularly the USA following withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan, in their interviews with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of law makers and political experts expressed their opinions as following.
Lawmaker Mohammad Hashim said “The US is a superpower who can have sustainable support of this country and can cooperate Afghanistan in war on terror and terrorist networks, because still there are certain threats against peace and stability in this country.
He added “One of the urgent needs for ensuring security in Afghanistan is ANSF funding and equipping because they are in dire need of long term support to confront terrorist threats. 
Mohammad Iqbal a political expert said “This is an encouraging news to the Afghan people that the world would not leave Afghanistan alone and it could be a good opportunity and important guarantee for the continuation of the NUG and future stability of this country.
No doubt, the US supports are very important for Afghanistan and now the Afghan people expect them to put war on terrorists hideout and shelters and training centers at the top of their properties in the new chapter of their commitments for the Afghan government, because not only terrorism and insurgency is a serious threat for peace and stability in Afghanistan but also for the region and world security.
Shahla Amani a civil society activist said “If the world countries sincerely want Afghanistan to enjoy peace and stability, they should further improve ANSF, so they could fight seriously and sufficiently against any threats of terrorists. And defend their people and territory against terrorists. A number of citizens said that, whereas the world would not leave the Afghan people alone post-2014 year, it’s a clear message for insurgents who plan to destroyed and eliminate the democratic system in Afghanistan and it shows that the terrorists are not capable any more to threat or weaken the NUG.. Mansoor a teacher in one of the Kabul schools said “The NATO and US troops in Afghanistan during their new mission should further concentrate on training and improvement their professional capacities in defending the country. Because despite thirteen years presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan, the ANSF are still in urgent need of essential military resources. Suraya-Raiszada

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