Uzbekistan Ready to Cooperate in the Development of the Qosh Tepa Project

KABUL (BNA): The officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock have discussed strengthening commercial relations with Uzbekistan during a meeting with an Uzbekistani delegation which is on a visit to Kabul.

The ministry in a statement said that Acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mawlavi Atta Omari said in this meeting that Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are countries influenced by each other due to their commonalities.

He also emphasized sharing experiences in the agriculture sector with each other to enhance agricultural productivity.

Omari shared information about the programs of the Ministry of Agriculture and requested Uzbekistan to cooperate with the people of Afghanistan in the agriculture field, particularly in providing improved seeds.

Ismatullah Ergashev, a special representative of Uzbekistan who was part of the team, informed Afghanistan of his country’s willingness to collaborate in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Kholmurodov Nozimjon, deputy minister of Investment, Industry, and Trade of Uzbekistan, also spoke about his country’s collaboration in irrigation and energy research and production.

He stated that Uzbekistan is open to participating in the development of the mega Qosh Tepa Canal project as well as research about the soil characteristics of Afghanistan.

Both parties and their technical experts agreed to meet again shortly to expand cooperation in agriculture and livestock.


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