Various Weapons, Ammunitions were Discovered, Seized In Logar


LOGAR (BNA) Various weapons and a heavy amount of ammunition have been discovered and seized in the country’s central province of Logar, the provincial police officials said in a statement Saturday.

During a series of clearance operations by the provincial security forces, various light and heavy weapons and ammunition which had illegally been kept by an official of the previous government, have been discovered and seized in the Khoshi district of the province, said the statement.

The weapons and ammunitions include 135 bullets of U-82 mm, one gun machine with six boxes of bullets, and other various military equipment, the statement added.

Also, a large number of weapons and ammunition had earlier been discovered and seized in the province.

The security forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are making efforts to identify those who are keeping the military equipment illegally and trying to disturb the order and security of the people.


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