Water Transformation Project From Panjshir to Capital Starts Soon: Mansoor

KABUL (BNA) Abdul Latif Mansoor the Acting Energy and Water Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says to prevent the consequences of water crisis, the “water transfer project from Panjshir to Kabul” will start soon.

Abdul Latif Mansour, Acting Minister of Energy and Water, said in a press conference in Kabul today, Saturday, that the citizens of Kabul are consuming water indiscriminately, and he warned that if this situation continues, Kabul’s access to potable water will be a problem.

“The way we consume water now, if water is consumed like this, maybe in the future there will be no water for drinking in Kabul.” He said.

These alarming statements have been raised while the Ministry of Energy and Water has undertaken a project worth millions of dollars, during which water will be transferred from Panjshir to the capital to provide drinkable water to the people of Kabul.

Mr. Mansour said that the drought crisis has affected 80% of the people of Afghanistan.

At the same time, the people of Kabul are complaining about the lack of potable water in Khairkhana and Afshar sites.


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