We Don’t Permit Afghanistan To Be Hub For Int’l Terrorism, Uloomi

Tuesday February 10, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Minister of interior in a meeting yesterday with ambassadors and deputy ambassadors of US, Europe and ambassadors of some regional countries to Kabul shared his visions in connection with security condition of the country.
In the meeting, Noorulhaq Uloomi, minister of interior said by starting his work at the ministry he initiated necessary evaluations for improvement of security condition and improvement of police situation and would soon provide his work programs for the improvement of condition in all levels.
Minister of interior enumerated his work priorities at the ministry as enforcement of law, counter corruption, reforms in police structures, appointment of qualified individuals, counterterrorism, absorption of the people’s cooperation and support of the international community, equipment and training of police, maintaining partnership of women and human rights, asking the international community for cooperation in this regard. Hinting to activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Uloomi said Afghan national police in cooperation with all security forces were ready to suppress any kinds of terrorist’ activities in the country and would not let Afghanistan be once again be a hub for international terrorists. Minister of interior asked the international community in particular Afghanistan’s neighboring countries for honest and serious cooperation in this regard, stressing that terrorism was an international phenomenon and world joint efforts were needed to root out the phenomenon. Meanwhile, foreign ambassadors to Kabul declared their countrie’s support from ANP in all fields and work priorities of the ministry and stressed on their countries’ continued cooperation and supporting Afghan national police.

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