We Hope Election’ Result Be Proclaimed In Its Earliest: Qanooni

Saturday April 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni met P. Michael McKinley the deputy ambassador of the United States of America and exchanged views on the situation in Afghanistan and the region.
According to BNA, in the meeting, the vice president described holding successful elections as a major achievement for Afghans and said, “I hope the result would be announced in its earliest.”
Qanooni also pointed out that Afghans are hopeful that the next government to take necessary steps for safeguarding the progress has been made over the past 12 years and take the country towards peace and stability.
The U.S. diplomat in the meeting said that the people of Afghanistan during the elections had demonstrated their solidarity and cooperation towards electing their next leadership, saying the international community now believes that Afghanistan is on right track towards democracy.

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