WHO Rise Concern on State of Corona Epidemic in North Korea

KABUL (BNA) The World Health Organization (WHO) in it’s latest reports lamented the lack of information and cooperation from North Korean officials, expressing concern about the Covend 19 epidemic in North Korea.

“At the moment we can not have a good assessment of the current situation,” Dr. Michel Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, was quoted as saying by AFP. We assume that the situation is getting worse, not better.

“The World Health Organization has access to the same information that Pyongyang makes available to everyone,” he said.

North Korea has registered a total of 3.7 million cases of Covid-19, according to Dr. Maria Van Karkhoff, head of the World Health Organization’s response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Meanwhile, the officials of this country refer to these cases as fever.

Van Karkhov added that many improvements have been reported, but very little information is available from the country.

According to the French news agency, 25 million people in North Korea have not been vaccinated and the country’s health system is one of the worst in the world.

“The World Health Organization has repeatedly assisted North Korean authorities, including three vaccinations,” Dr. Ryan said. We will continue to provide this assistance.

“We see a very positive attitude in this cooperation and in trying to address this collective problem,” he said, noting that the World Health Organization is working with China and South Korea to move things forward.

Ryan stressed that we do not want to see severe disease transmission in a vulnerable population with a weak health system. Because this is neither a good region nor for the world.

Bakhtar News Agency

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