WLD And Increment of Unemployment In Afghanistan

Monday May 5, 2014
Kabul (BNA) In World Labor Day (WLD), hundreds male and female labors staged demonstration and asked government to focus its attention towards this segment of the society.
With chanting slogans of “We want Social Justice”, “We want work” the workers are unemployed and unemployment has reached to its summit. This day is marked in a time that the labors have no suitable living condition and the privileges they earn are insufficient.
The figures show that four millions people are unemployed in Afghanistan. The Kabul municipality named the avenue of Qala-i-Zaman Khan-Idgah Mosque as the avenue of labor. One of those who attended at demonstration, Sulaiman says that the privileges I earn against my work are very lower.
We demanded from government to enhance the wage of labors. Mahmoud, a labor in Khwaja Bughra region of Kabul that is the only food supplier of his family and is unemployed as of several weeks, says that the government has paid no attention towards Labor living condition. We want from government to establish some plants and provide employment for unemployed. When he left Takhar province for Kabul to find employment for himself, he complains for being unemployed.
He says that if we find a meager work, Pakistan labors employed and we remain jobless. At the same time, head of national labor union of Afghanistan, Marouf Qaderi said that government and private sectors are responsible to provide job opportunities for unemployed labors. He added that the labors should enjoy from the rights and privileges taken to them by labors law and international conventions.
Head of national labor union added that as of beginning of current solar year to date, about 55 labors lost their lives in various provinces in working places. The World Labor Day is observed in Afghanistan in a time that according to figures, at least four million people are unemployed in Afghanistan.
An economic witness and lecturer of Kabul University Ustad Saihoon say that the main problem for unemployment is acceptance of free market economic system. Saihoon added that Afghanistan invests through methods that has in its hand. It invests in those areas that there are no looms for providing employment to unemployed. These areas are mostly commercial and serviceable ones, not productive. He believes that in economic system of Afghanistan, there is no feeling of responsibility before labor and work.
Saihoon demanded form coming government of Afghanistan that in connection with work places, it should study well. This lecturer of Kabul University elucidated that a group of experts and another group from capital holders and investors should be formed and study the ground for paving the way for employment till the economy of Afghanistan be changed into productive and searching one. According to Saihoon, the labors’ privileges also should be accepted as guarantor for continuation of labors work. He added that it is not complicated issue and is solvable by Afghan experts as well. Now, in some parts of Kabul city, hundreds people are vagabond for searching employment and always criticizing from government activities. They say that the government should provide employment for them.

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