Women Access to Employment Needs Fresh Inclusive Policy: AREU

Tuesday May 6, 2014
Kabul (BNA) A research conducted by Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) reveals that despite the women in Afghanistan succeeded to obtain development in various socioeconomic spheres. But still there are some major challenges which have undermined women access to opportunities. According to AREU, there is significant need to formulate fresh policies with regard to women employment and recruitment procedures. In the research, AREU has conducted interviews with at least 366 women who are associated with training programs and vocational jobs and complete their daily financial expenditures through the same means. “Training programs, skill works pursued by women for completing their daily needs have left constructive impacts on women’s social relations and families, in a sense that through the job, the women have succeeded to attract the attention and concentration of the society and forge better relations with the people,” the research says.
In the research, AREU has expressed satisfactions over the growing role of the women in the society. But is has stressed that fresh policies were need to further expand women contribution in the social structures of the country. “The issue of women access to employment isn’t applicable only through job recruitments, gender is one of the major issue, which has undermined access of women to jobs and opportunities must be upheld in a way which maintain similarity with the bigger policies and reforms,” Deputy Head of Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit Chona Achawoz said. Meanwhile, deputy director of Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) Mir Ahmad Joeynda has said that implementation of training and vocational programs have been outspread and due to that, women conditions not improved.
“Our findings show that the training and vocational programs weren’t conducted within the framework of a general policy and has been short term, there is a need for a national strategy to be formulates so that women are able to get advantage of professional and vocational training,” Joeynda said. “Various NGOs and institutions have worked for women training and recruitments, women who associated with health sectors have been successful, they have learnt many things from their professions, 64 pc of the interviewees believe that vocational training have been beneficial for them,” the study further says. In the meantime, a number of women who have pursued vocational trainings have expressed satisfaction over their growing incomes and say that such programs have supported many women in the country to get self-reliance financially and economically.
“Women in Afghanistan have received major developments in social and economic sectors, it is encouraging as a compare to the past, the government and the responsible institutions must pay more concentration on women role and their contributions in the society,” a Kabul resident Ms. Mahbooba said. The Afghan women suffered tragically over the past several since the downfall of the Taliban regime, since the formation of interim administration, the women came out with firm determination and fresh commitments to participate in the reconstruction and revival of the country. The world community by considering the possible threats on the Afghan women must continue backing Afghanistan to protect the achievements of the last twelve years which country has gained with the generous support of international community and allies of Afghan people.

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