Women Rights Activists Concern Over Violence Increase Against Women

Monday, February 16, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Women rights support organizations have expressed concern over violence increase against women in recent months, which has made the activists seek out particular ways for reduction and eradication of sexual violence against women by launching conferences and workshops.
Afghan organization for development of women’s talents held Saturday a one-day conference on delivering ways for prevention of rapes with participation of officials from Ministries of Information and Culture, Women affairs and Hajj and Religious affairs and a number of other government organizations. In the conference, Simin Hassanzada, MoIC deputy on publication affairs while evaluating role of media in learning and culturalization said media has played vital role in awareness of violence and rapes against women and fulfilled their responsibility related to awareness of people on women rights and making ways and practical programs for prevention of violence against women in the country.
Criticizing the media, Hassanzada said, “Unfortunately a number of media networks are not following moral professionalism in publication and broadcasting of their reports, adding most of the time such media networks broadcast images and identification of rape victims for obtaining reputation and absorption of more addressees.” Hassanzada further said broadcasting news relevant to violence against women could not cut down women’s pain, adding that media should invite religious figures, social experts and psychologists in their programs to talk related to prevention of violence against women and clarification of public thoughts.
Following, acting chairwoman of Afghan organization for development of women’s talents, Sajia Behgam spoke and said recent incidents have shown that violence and rapes on women have increased, which was concerning. Behgam added that the conference would discuss on new ways and programs in cooperation with religious figures and media for prevention of sexual assaults on women in the country.

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