Wrong Action Against Journalist By Any Authority Intolerable, Rashedi

Kabul (BNA) Deputy Information and Culture Minister for publication, Deen Mohmmad Mubarez Rashedi in a news conference warned on Wednesday that he would never to tolerate wrong behavior against journalists calling his office the only authorized source to assess any complaints on reporters. The remarks come after Afghanistan’s Free Media Watch had announced in its weekly report anti-journalists violence had been increased by 30 percent this year. According to foundation, insecurities, interventions in media works, and lack access to the information are from the challenges faced by the media. “We respect the report released by Afghanistan Free Media Watch, but we can’t confirm it”, said Rashedi adding the entire ill-treat had been faced by the journalist had not exceed over four cases this year, and the issue was seriously observed with good aftermaths. According to him, free of media had been the best achievement of the Afghan government over the last ten years for the people of Afghanistan and he would never tolerate to see these achievements harmed. “I am ready to use any means possible to help freely activate the journalists in the future”. He said besides the mess media regulation, in order to provide a proper ground for the reporters, a draft for accessing the information and work regulation of the private media that had been printed two months ago by the ministry of information and culture had been availed helping the journalist work surly, but he warned that he would never tolerate improper action against the journalists from any authority.

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