Ensuring Security, Govt.’s Top Priority, Officials

Tuesday October 25, 2016

Kabul (BNA) However, fourteen years have passed since presence of the international forces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, still the country is bulking with insecurities. Brig. General Dawlat Waziri, the spokesperson of the ministry for defense said, ‘it is a matter of pleasure that today Afghanistan has air and ground forces.’ Fortunately, to suppress the enemies, all operations are being conducted in coordination with Afghan security entities and the U.S. and international forces, Waziri further said.
The ministry of defense is making effort to conduct special operations in turbulent areas of the country, Waziri said, adding this year, the enemies wanted to insecure some provinces such as, Kunduz, Helmand, Takhar, Faryar and Sar-e-Pul, but we have conducted extensive operations to foil their vicious designs. Currently, the security situation of the provinces has gotten improved and the enemies had sustained heavy casualties, Waziri went on to say. If the regional intelligences don’t cooperate with militants, the insurgents will soon be annihilated, therefore, to end the Afghan war, the U.S. and the international community must impose sanctions on terrorism supporting countries, Waziri continued.
Meanwhile, the national assembly of Afghanistan while lauding the successes of the Afghan security forces, stressing that to better maintain security, the people should cooperate with their security forces. Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, a Meshrano Jirga member said, ‘the Afghan war has many reasons, but the most important one is the geostrategic position of Afghanistan among the regional countries where has been always offended in the course of history.’ Although, the security organizations are striving to fight security threats in the country, but still lack of security in a number of provinces is concerning, he further said.
But fortunately, the Afghan security forces could successfully defend their people even in very trying circumstances and this is a great achievement to them, he added. Political differences, tribal disputes, narcotics and administrative corruption are among the issues which have paved the way for war in Afghanistan, he went on to say. Fortunately today, Afghanistan is at the focal point of the international community, therefore, the government should not lose the opportunities and does its best to take the privileges, he continued. Salih Mohammad Saljouqi, a member of the parliament said, ‘disputes between the NUG leaders have negatively affected the security situation of the country, thus, they should put aside the differences and together make effort to prevail the security throughout the country.’
Strengthening of the security and defensive forces, visiting of the victims’ families and the soldiers in battlefields, appointing eligible and patriotic people in battlegrounds are among the factors that can decrease violence and end war in the country, Saljouqi further said. The military and political experts believe that a regional meeting should be held to end war and ensure security across the country. Sahib Nazar Muradi, a writer and researcher on Afghanistan and the region said, ‘unfortunately, there are some foreign countries are behind widening insecurities in Afghanistan as they want to avail the opportunity and benefit from the situation.’ General Mohammad Sabour, a veteran military and expert said, ‘terrorism is a global threat and unfortunately, Afghanistan is a victim of this phenomenon, however, the world countries should honestly cooperate with Afghanistan to uproot it, as ending war and having a peaceful life is the people of Afghanistan’s desire.’ This is while that Afghanistan has recently obtained many achievements in different fields and the world countries are making effort to help Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency in the field of security.

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