Fifth Phase of Security Transition To Be Announced Today

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghan defense officials have said that the fifth and last phase of security transition will be announced on today.
They said that the Afghan security forces are now capable enough to provide security for the Afghan citizens and are ready to stand against any terror threat.
During the fifth phase of security transition all security responsibilities will be handed over by the US-led NATO forces to Afghan forces.
The first phase of security transition had started two years ago.
Governor of southern Uruzgan Amir Mohammad Akhundzada said.” The Afghan forces are capable enough to provide security in Afghanistan.”
Governor of northern Kunduz province Mohammad Anwar Jegdalek said. In the last phase, security responsibilities of the remaining 95 districts will be handed over the Afghan forces.
It also includes some of the most disturbed areas of south and east Afghanistan where the Taliban have fought a bloody terror battle against US-backed government since2001.
“Afghan forces should work together and equip themselves to face any threat in Afghanistan.”
Governor of Bamyan Habiba Sarabi and Shah Wali Adeeb Governor of northern Badakhshan claimed that the Afghan forces are capable of defending their homeland also they hoped that the number of Afghan soldiers will be increased in the provinces.
“We have full faith on the Afghan forces that they will protect us,” said a resident of eastern Ghazni province. A resident of eastern Nangarhar said, “People should cooperate with the Afghan forces and assist them in protecting our land.”
The Afghan Transition Cooperation Commission on Sunday said that it will submit a proposal about the requirement of the Afghan security forces a day before the fifth phase of security transition begins.
Afghan security and NATO officials on Sunday got together to discuss over the last phase of security transition and prepare a list of requirements for the Afghan security forces.
The Commission said that Afghan security forces are capable enough to take charge of security responsibilities because the Afghan security forces have been providing security for the places where foreign forces do not exist.

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