Foodstuff Prices Decreased After Two Weeks In Kabul

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Recently, there were concerns among the Kabul citizens that the foodstuff prices in the country’s markets has been increased, so The Kabul Times reporter have interviewed a number of the residents of Kabul and some shopkeepers in this regard.
Rahmatullah, a shopkeeper in Asmaee road said in this connection to The Kabul Times that a few days ago, there were a number of differences in the prices of foodstuffs, especially in rice, oil, sugar and flour, where a bag of rice was sold 2700, and oil and flour and sugar prices were slightly higher, but by using the Chabahar port the foodstuff prices has been decreased.
Rahmatulalh who has been a shopkeeper for more than 40 years and providing foodstuff for our people state that compared to the past the prices of foodstuffs is high, because now the conditions has changed so much, so the people must provide themselves base on situation.
In this foodstuff shop, there are more than a hundred items of food and other goods needed by the people, and according to Rahmatullah, a large number of people make their daily needs from here.
The government takes low tax from them, and they are not afraid of paying taxes as well the tax is in the interest of Afghanistan.
In foodstuff markets of Kabul products such as flour, oil, domestic and foreign rice, beans such as, chickpeas, yellow bean, peas, , soybeans, and so on much to be found.
Currently, a 49kg of Kazakh flour is being sold at 1,100 Afghani in the city’s markets, which amounted to 1400 Afghani in the past two weeks, and the price of 7kg of sugar was 260 Afghani which has dropped since the previous days and also the price of corn oil is 620 Afghani which has fallen in comparison with the past.
And fortunately, other beverages such as juice and mineral waters are made inside the country, and our people have become self-sufficient in this area.
Another shopkeeper also reported about decrease in food prices in the market said that if the government provide the export and import ground for our traders, it may reduce the price of food and other materials.
He also says that in Torkham way our people, especially our businessmen, were facing a lot of problems in this area, the Chabahar port has been considered as one of the better ways to import and export of Afghan goods, and this unique port has been a good reason to reduce food prices in the city’s markets.
Masoud and Masih two customers in this regard said that foodstuff prices have been fallen down in Afghanistan’s markets by about two weeks. We hope to drop prices in other materials, because most of our people are poor, and they cannot afford to buy loaf of bread.
While our people always complain of hike of prices in the Afghanistan markets, and blame the government for not controlling the market.

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