General-Director of Intelligence of IEA Visits Parwan For Security Review

Charikar (BNA) General-Director of intelligence of IEA travels to Parwan to review security situation of that province yesterday.

In a newsletter received to (BNA) Mawlavi Abdul Haq Wasiq, General-Director of Intelligence met with Qari Mohammad Siddiq Mukhlas, head of Intelligence of Parwan and number of clerics at the headquarters of Intelligence of that province.

Newsletter states, General-Director of Intelligence discussed duties and responsibilities of intelligence officials and officers, the role of religious scholars in Cohesion of public opinion for better security, inspects situation of accuses, custodies of Intelligence and to ensure better security of Parwan resident, Called the aim of the visits.

Mawlawi Abdul Haq Wasiq considers the provision of security and public regulations as one of the specific responsibilities of that organization and instructs the leadership and members of the Parwan Intelligence offices not to Ignores any effort to ensure security and create a safe environment for the residents of that province.

Qari Mohammad Siddiq Mukhlas, head of Parwan intelligence, as well provides information about plans and achievements of intelligence office and promised to cooperate with the General-Director of intelligence in order to achieve the goals and programs of the Islamic Emirate in the intelligence-respective sections.

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