General Director of Internal Security of Parwan Police Appointed

Charikar (BNA) According to a letter sent by the Ministry of Interior, Qari Ahmad Zubair Khaleqyar was appointed as the General Director of Internal Security of Police and Mawlavi Mohammad Noor Ahmadi was appointed as the Deputy Director of this department.

In their introductory ceremony, Mawlavi Dost Mohammad Haqqani, Deputy Governor of Parwan Province, congratulated the selection and handing over of this serious responsibility by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the Director and Deputy Chief of Internal Security of Parwan Police, in order to ensure security and public order.

The deputy governor of the province considered the identification of those who disrupt security and handing it over to the judiciary and the judiciary as one of the major duties of this administration, and asked its members to cooperate seriously and honestly in order to better advance their duties.

Later, Qari Ahmad Zubair Khaleqyar, the new Director of Internal Security of Parwan Police, expressed his gratitude for the trust of the Islamic emirate leadership in his appointment to this position and promised to use all available facilities to achieve the goals of the Islamic emirate and the people who Identifies the manner in which they disrupt security and brings them to justice.

Khaleqyar called the cooperation of the people and the continuous efforts of the employees under his command to bring the ultimate decisive peace and comfort and asked the members of that department to play their role and share in this regard.


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