Government Supplies Enough Assistance To Vulnerable Areas: MRRD

Wednesday April 8, 2015

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is one of the most vulnerable countries that sustain damages during spring and winter natural disasters.
The NUG authorities said that in case of need, they will supply further assistance to vulnerable regions. Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durani who was summoned to Senate and was explaining anticipating programs on natural disasters in vulnerable area, said “Based on the predictions of MRRD over 170,000 people in 297 districts are facing different natural disasters and the government is trying to organize anticipating assistance for these areas. He added “Emergency programs and plans on preparedness and response to natural disasters have been drafted by MRRD and for implementation have been put at the disposal of concerned government and non-governmental agencies. The said plans have been drafted based on data assessments of vulnerable areas in 2012-2014 and vulnerable areas by water, floods, rain storms, avalanches and droughts have been separated based on which probably over 170000 people or 22191 families in 297 districts will be threatening by different natural disasters.
Durani went on to say that in the central areas of Bamyan and Dykondi provinces 1607 people or 230 families are vulnerable who are in urgent need of help, 2283 families or 15983 people, in central areas, 308903 people or 4413 families in north-east areas, 44715 people or 9245 families in northern areas, 4550 people or 640 families in south-east areas, 23170 people or 3310 households in southern area, 14400 people or 2070 households are vulnerable and in urgent need of assistance. He added the Emergency Response Commission has prepared food stuff and non-food stuff assistance to deserving people in some areas. The ERC is led by CE Abdullah Abdullah that sends assistance by land and air. Durani explained that dispatching of needed materials is going on to a number of vulnerable provinces. The MRRD has already sent assistance to deserving people in Helmand province last week. Durani talked on opening of a water supply project in Nimroz province that would supply potable water to the residents of the center of that province and these people will get rid of water scarcity. A number of experts and parliamentarians welcoming the MRRD programs, emphasized that using the experiences of previous years in vulnerable areas, the government should adopt anticipating measures before the advent of natural disasters and send aids on due time to these areas.
Sultan Mohammad Paiman an expert of social affairs said “Every year in spring, monsoonal rains increase, therefore the organs concerned should undertake preventive measures before any disaster and safe the people. The government should recognize the vulnerable banks of rivers with possible water overflowing and build supporting walls on the rivers bank and protect the local inhabitants against probable natural disaster. The law makers and senators ask the government to dispatch aids according to destructions of natural disasters and prevent their misappropriation and the sectorial ministries of MRRD and MoPE should establish coordination for implementation of their programs.  Suraya Raiszada

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