Govt. High Commission On Swearing-in Ceremony Holds Meeting

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Kabul (BNA) The Government High Commission on swearing-in ceremony for new president, with chief of army staff Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi the head of security committee for the ceremony held meeting yesterday. According to BNA in the meeting, it was said that August 2 which had earlier set for the swearing-in ceremony has been postponed in the wake of request made by the UN special envoy to Afghanistan and candidates demand until finishing recounting of the votes and the new date for oath taking ceremony will be announced later. As per agenda, heads of the commissions presented their reports and Gen. Karimi called upon the ministry for interior and the national directorate for security and officials dealing with the protection of ranking personalities to present their reports about their working programs. The concerned officials presented their reports about their programs and ensuring security for the oath taking ceremony. Ghulam Nabi Farahi, acting minister for information and culture and head of cultural committee for the oath taking ceremony presented his report about his committee’s responsibility.

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