House of People Approves Bill On Marriage Ceremonies

Saturday January 10, 2015
Kabul (BNA) The House of People with Chairman Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on the chair in its session the other day approved the bill on marriage ceremony in four chapters and 23 articles, BNA reported.
Aimed at checking useless and splendid expenditures at wedding parties and institutionalizing Islamic values, the bill was endorsed with majority and only 14 members of the house opposed.
Moreover, the legislators expressed concern over delay in cabinet formation, saying frequent delay in introducing minister-designates would reduce people’s trust to the government of national unity.
Some of the lawmakers accused the president of violating the constitution, saying the president based on the law is accountable and has to explain the reason for delay in the cabinet formation. Meanwhile, a number of the legislators during the preceding accused the president of treason and called for applying the law on him. The House of People also decided to discuss the government failure in cabinet formation in the coming days.

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