House Of People Statement On Taluqan Terrorist Attack

Monday, December 26, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The House of People strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Taluqan of Takhar province leading to martyrdom of and wounding of a number of countrymen including late Abdul Mutaleb Baig member of the House of people and an outstanding Jehadi personality. 
The martyrdom of Abdul Mutaleb Baig and other innocent countrymen once again indicated that the enemies of the people of Afghanistan act with the orders of their foreign bosses and continue their serial killings of special Jehadi and national personalities in the north east of the country so that they can eliminate patriotic elements and the honest defenders of the country from their way and this way achieve vicious objectives that is colonizing of Afghanistan. 
However the Mujahiddeen and defenders of this homeland do not give this chance to the will terrorists to achieve their aims. 
The House of People conveys its sympathies to the bereave families and ask immediate recovery for the wounded of this tragic incident and asks immediate recognition of the perpetrators of this terror and pursue them legally.

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